Patricia Allean Willis Moseman

Patricia Allean Willis Moseman, 72, passed away peacefully in Billings, Montana, on May 10, 2024. Born on August 5th, 1951, in Fort Collins, CO, Pat was the daughter of William Freddie Willis Jr. and Ruby Allean Willis. Pat's late husband was Ronnie Moseman Sr. Pat was the eldest of five siblings: Fred Willis III, Sherryl (Willis) Casper, Rick Willis, and Jack Willis, and their spouses Mike Casper, Barb Willis, and Jessica Willis. Pat had 3 children: Randy Moseman, Ronnie Moseman, and Ronda (Moseman) Kirby (and their spouses Linda, Amber, and Clint). Pat also had 8 grandchildren and 8 great gr...


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