Musselshell County Prevention Update

In a recent meeting with Angelica Mozqueda, the prevention specialist for Musselshell and Golden County, we were updated on what the Prevention is for, and what it is doing.

Prevention came about during the time of COVID, in 2020. The state of Montana recognized that the youth are struggling with mental health and substance abuse. Angie explains that at the time of COVID, the state had only three prevention specialists for the entire state of Montana, covering only the major urban areas. After COVID, the state recognized that there is a need for a prevention specialist in every county statewid...


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ghudson writes:

They need hope. The county is economically depressed and offers young people few good work opportunities. The few larger employers in the county could offer some discrete training opportunities with clearly stated attainment goals. The training opportunities might be offered in a semi competitive basis. And other opportunities developed further afield, maybe in Billings. Community recognition and appreciation of the work would help to create a supportive environment to sustain the effort.