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MSU Extension Publishes Variety of New MontGuide Factsheets to Aid Montanans


Montana State University Extension recently published six new MontGuides on a variety of topics to provide unbiased information for Montana citizens.

As part of their outreach efforts, MSU Extension specialists and agents write MontGuides with information gathered during their research and outreach work throughout the year. The fact sheets are designed for all Montanans, including agricultural producers, home gardeners, families, landowners and other groups.

New and existing MontGuides are located online at, where they can be downloaded for free, or printed copies can be ordered for a small shipping fee. For more information, call the MSU Extension Distribution Center at 406-994-3273 or email [email protected]

The recently published MontGuides include the following:

Water Quality for Livestock

Livestock water requirements vary greatly depending on several factors, including temperature, animal size, production stage and moisture content of the diet. This eight-page MontGuide provides an overview of common livestock water quality issues in Montana, water testing guidance and a summary of options when water quality is very poor. The MontGuide is available at

Growing Succulents

Succulents are popular plants with indoor gardeners. This two-page MontGuide highlights how to care for and propagate these easy-to-care-for plants, which have water-storing capabilities in their roots, stems and leaves to help withstand drier climates. The MontGuide is available at

Soybean Diseases and their Management in Montana

In the last decade, an increasing number of growers in eastern Montana have experimented with grain soybean. This eight-page MontGuide provides a general description of the symptoms, causes and management of the major soybean biotic diseases that are more likely to occur and become problematic in Montana. The MontGuide is available at

Physical Activity

Different Types, How Much is Needed and Health Benefits

This four-page MontGuide provides guidance as to how much, and what type, of physical activity is needed based on the 2020 National Physical Activity Guidelines. It also provides tips and tricks for increasing physically active time and summarizes health benefits that can be gained from incorporating physical activity into daily life. The MontGuide is available at

What Does Yellowing or Chlorosis Tell Us About the Health of a Plant?

This eight-page MontGuide addresses questions about plant chlorosis and yellowing discoloration and provides some visual examples, with steps to evaluate symptoms and causes of chlorosis. The MontGuide is available at

Water Productivity of Montana Crops

This four-page MontGuide discusses the amount of additional grain or biomass a crop can produce with additional water. This crop water productivity guide describes how to estimate soil water storage and water productivity for various crops in relation to yield potential, which helps growers evaluate crop rotations. The MontGuide is available at

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