Roundup 2024 Senior Spotlight


April 17, 2024

Taryn Brown

Story by: Kayla Rustad

Taryn Brown, a senior at Roundup High School, is involved in shop class. Her favorite high school memory is welding. Her favorite class overall though, is study hall. She describes herself as outgoing, helpful, and has a good work ethic. Her family includes her dad, Christopher Brown; her uncle, Uric Bello; her grandpa, Roland Brown; and her grandma, Nancy Brown.

Tori Avila

Story by: Asher Beesley

Tori Avila is a senior at our local high school, and a student-athlete to boot. She's enjoyed her time here at Roundup, especially her sophomore U.S. History class with Tom Cliff. Tori has been an inspiration to us at Roundup, pushing us to do our best both academically and athletically. She's participated in multiple sports during high school, both basketball and volleyball. Being a student-athlete is a balancing act, and Tori is doing amazing at it. She's an inspiring student here at Roundup, and I'm sure many students look up to her.

Kimberly Brock

Story by: Asher Beesley

Photo by: Savannah Labs

Kimberly Madison Brock, also known as Kim, is currently a senior at Roundup High School. Although she hasn't always been a Panther, she certainly has always been a dreamer. When she was younger she'd always imagined herself as a veterinarian, and she's kept a similar dream throughout her life. After graduating, she plans to go to college and attend medical school to become an anesthesiologist eventually. She's even gone so far ahead that she's decided to have a family 10 years from now. It's an amazing dream and she's definitely brilliant enough to do it.


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