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Montana Parents Wake Up!

You see on the news every day the young folks burning, looting and destroying cities. Why are they so angry? Why do they think vandalism and rage is an appropriate action?

When was the last time you asked your child, “What are you reading in school?” What are the classroom discussions about? Why do teachers avoid parent involvement in learning about classroom discussions? Does the teacher assign books on dystopia and call them character building? Books referred to as romance, portray abusive parents and pornography? Who decides what age appropriate is? Did you know in most cases it is either the publisher or the teacher!

The books being offered by our teachers and provided by our school systems are full of dystopia (a dismal out look of a miserable society). They have a repeated theme of parents and adults should not be trusted! They have very little educational value and support a theory of misery and destruction! Do you have a child or teenager out of control or totally withdrawn? What influence is that teacher having on your child? Does a child with issues, given negative messaging by teachers become defiant? Are they reading books like “UnWind” or “We’ll Fly Away”?

Parents it is time to find out what teachers and school systems are teaching! You are your child’s voice! Montana Parents wake up, get involved and take charge of how your child is negatively influenced by teachers!

Janet Parks



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