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I want to continue with last week’s list of ways to see Jesus in the Old Testament. Jesus, in His pre-incarnate form, comes to many humans in the Bible to speak to them. Anytime it says THE Angel of the Lord, that is Jesus. If it says an angel of the Lord and usually gives a name, that is just what it says it is, AN angel sent by God.

When Jesus was crucified, He was nailed to the cross at the exact time the morning lamb offering was given at the Temple. And He died at the exact time the evening offering was given (actually afternoon, but they called it evening offering). Jesus is our perfect lamb, without any sin of His own, offered as a sacrifice for OUR sins. We are not perfect, but our lamb is, and wholly acceptable to God on our behalf.

Every offering to God had to be given with ‘FINE FLOUR’. That means the grain had to be crushed and ground. Jesus, before His crucifixion was crushed and ground to a pulp. His skin was shredded off of Him and His blood was poured out.

The ‘fall of human beings’ was because of disobedience to the Word of God and the use of a tree. Jesus had to die on a tree to restore us to heaven. Adam and Eve used their hands to pick the fruit of that tree, so Jesus’ hands were pierced to restore us. His side was pierced because Eve was taken from Adam’s side and made from a rib. God wanted redemption for both male and female human beings. Jesus’ feet were promised by God, in Genesis 3:15, to tread the devil’s head under Jesus’ feet. So, Jesus’ feet had to be pierced to accomplish redemption for our feet as well. He wore a crown of thorns to redeem our minds from hateful and fearful thoughts.

Why would God do all that to His only begotten, beloved Son. God loves us. (John 3:16). He wants us to be His Friends as well as His children. He gave us free will to choose. He gave us life, now can we give that life back to Him and accept Him as our Lord, Savior, King? That is our choice. We are ALL God’s favorite child. God is infinite and can have an infinite number of favorite sons and daughters. We don’t have to DO anything to become God’s favorite except receive the gift of His Son, Jesus into our hearts, lives and families. When we receive Jesus into our lives, Jesus who has already paid for our sins by His death on the cross, gives to us the gift of Grace and Righteousness (right standing with God). It is nothing we can earn, or work for. It is a free gift from God Who loves us more than we can imagine.

We are in a time of unrest, great pestilence, unknown events that we have never experienced before. God alone knows the answer. He is not caught by surprise as we were. He didn’t do this, but He sure knew it was going to happen. All God asks of you is to receive Him into your life and let Him give you His peace.

Rev. Joyce Kaplan, M.Div. Retired United church of Christ pastor


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