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February 19, 2020

Flatwillow Homemakers met at the home of Sandy Gonzalez on January 21, 2020. The meeting had been postponed a week due to the weather. There were twelve members present. Birthdays celebrated for January were Sandy, Arlene, and Florence. Happy Birthday. The Pledge to the flag was led by Florence. Sandy read the thought for the day called “Old is when…” It was really cute and funny. Roll call was answered with a New Year’s resolution.

Minutes of the last minute’s meeting were read and approved. Treasurer’s report was given and approved as presented. There were no correspondence or bills. There was more discussion on the quilt we are working on. Linda reported she had the quilt and will do the printing on the center square. The center will say Flatwillow Homemakers established 1938. Flatwillow Hall established 1921. Melody reported she had the quilt from Luann’s mom Susan Sharkey done and it is ready to hang in the courthouse. Jim will help her to hang it.

Melody will talk with Gari King about our May meeting which will be a tour of her guest house and she will provide lunch. It was decided if she would not take any money, we will get a gift card to Costco and a bouquet of flowers. New business, we will do table favors for seniors for St. Patrick’s Day. Linda won the blind pig. Birthday gifts for secret sisters with birthdays were opened. Next meeting will be at Bonnie’s hone with Lillian as co-host. Bring secret sister gifts. Everyone bid on the opportunity table. Arlene Bond, Jean Cook, Luann Knutson, Linda Gershmel, Donna Lund, Raye Anne Lund, Bonnie Moore, Ginger Moore, Lillian Moore, Florence Wacker, and Melody Whitcher enjoyed a fun time at Sandi’s home.

The February meeting of Flatwillow Homemakers was at Bonnie Moore’s home with Lillian cohosting. It was on February 11. Arlene, Jean, Linda, Sandy, Luann, Raye Anne, Ginger, Lillian, Melody, and Florence were there. Two guests were also there – Sherry Caulfield, and Jackie Whisonant. There were no birthdays in February. Sandy led the Pledge to the flag. Thought for the day was read by Lillian called “Table of Excuses”. Roll call was answered with some surprise you had on Valentine’s Day. Minutes and treasurer’s report were approved. Sandi reported she had table favors for next month for Seniors. Linda reported that our quilt is at Laura Finkbeiner’s for quilting.

Linda and Melody mentioned that they would like to host a sewing day once a month for anyone that is interested. It will be at the courthouse. They would not be teaching a class but will help anyone. It is a day to get together and sew. They will let everyone know what day it is and times when they have all the figuring out.

There were two blind pig winners – Sherry won one of the prizes, and Ginger won the other. The next meeting will be at Linda Gershmel’s home on March 10. The county agent from Lewistown will be there to present a program. It will also be opportunity table. The April meeting will be at the apartments. It will be all potluck. At our March meeting we will decide who will bring casseroles, who will bring salads, desserts, have the thought for the day, etc. It will be a no host lunch with everyone helping out. Secret sister gifts were handed out and admitted. See you next month.

District tournaments for basketball will be in Great Falls Feb 20-22. Winnett WILL NOT be having school Feb 21-21. If possible, please come out and support our WGR Rams and Lady Rams in Great Falls. There will be Ram Rally, potluck/pep assembly to support the Rams and Lady Rams. It will be February 17 at 7pm in the Winnett School cafeteria. Bring your favorite dish. The booster club will provide the rest. See you there. Go Rams. We’re rooting for all of you!

Jan 2 - Welcome to 2020. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Twenty-two seniors showed up to enjoy a lunch of Soup and Salad Bar. We had Busy Day Soup, Tortilla Pinwheels, Broccoli Raisin salad, Garlic toast, relishes, and Rice Krispy Bars. There were also three take-out orders today.

Carol read a letter of support from the Seniors for the ACES Historic Preservation Committee. They want to pursue a grant to do a feasibility study on the courthouse. Dellie won the 50/50. Gary won senior of the month. Congratulations!

Everyone was reminded of the fund raiser for Karen Tetreault tomorrow night. It will be at the Winnett Bar. There are lots of donated items and baked goods to be auctioned off to help Karen and Mike with expenses for her cancer treatments.

Dellie relayed greetings to everyone from Jack and Shirley Hughes in Arizona.

Jan 9 - Our menu today was meatloaf or hot turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables. Our meeting was held at the Winnett Bar today due to sewer work being done at the courthouse. Thank you to Lisa and crew at the Winnett Bar for preparing a delicious lunch today for the seniors. Twenty-seven seniors came to lunch and the meeting and there were three take-out orders.

Linda reminded everyone the foot clinic will be tomorrow at the community room of the apartments. Bingo, which was scheduled for Sunday, is cancelled, again due to the sewer issues at the courthouse. We will wait to hear how the sewer project is doing to decide about next week’s senior lunch and meeting.

After 75 days in the hospital and rehab units, Melissa is finally home. She is very weak not doing much, but she thanks everyone for the cards, gifts, the fund raiser and visits. She is very happy to be home and working on continuing to get stronger each day.

Jan 16 - Seniors was cancelled this week due to the ongoing sewer work at the courthouse.

Jan 23 -We are down a bit in our numbers for seniors, but this has been a hard month with courthouse sewer issues, sickness, and weather. Twenty seniors came to lunch and there were three take-out orders. This week is our chicken dinner to celebrate January birthdays. We had oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes with milk gravy, cranberries, green salad, and ice cream and cake for dessert. There were two birthdays celebrated this month. Florence Wacker and Judy Bevis. Happy Birthday!

Laura from Area II was here today and told about new scams going around. She also told about 2EC, which is a homeowner/renter tax credit for seniors over 62 years of age. This is a refund on the property taxes you have paid based on your income but is available to qualifying renters also. Be sure and check it out to see if you qualify.

Dellie won the 50/50. Patti is accepting dues for the new year. They are $2.00.

Rosie Zimmerman asked for prayers for her sister-in-law who just found out she has three cancers. Dellie reported on Gunda who is now doing fine after her heart problems. She also informed everyone that Gene Daum had gall bladder surgery where they found gangrene. They cleaned it out and he is now doing well. Shirley Hughes called from Arizona to say hello to everyone. Dellie’s grandson has just retired from the service. He had a good friend who had also retired but was hit by a drunk driver and killed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dellie’s grandson who lost a good friend.

Mary reported on Karen Tetreault. She is doing as well as can be. They have changed her treatment plan and she is not so sick from this this. They are so thankful for our wonderful community who are there to support her in any way they can as she battles cancer.

Jan 30 - Pasta sausage bake, salad, beets, relishes and easy peach cobbler was enjoyed by twenty-one seniors in house and three take-out orders.

Dues may be paid any time now. Donna won the 50/50 for $6. Bingo will be February 9. Tom and Diane Iverson explained how the Iowa caucus works. They used to live in Iowa. Cassie was not here because she had a sick child. Thinking of Cassie as it is never fun when your children are sick.

See you next month.


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