Cub Doctor Visits Roundup For Piper Cub Class


Lura Pitman

"Cub Doc" Clyde Smith Jr.

Clyde Smith Jr. is the world famous "Cub Doc". The Cub is a small aircraft made by Piper, and no longer in production, though there are many reproductions of the Cub. Clyde's dad was a famous test pilot for Piper Airplane, an engineering supervisor, flight test supervisor. According to Clint Wormer, there aren't many, if any, Cubs that don't have Clyde Smith Sr.'s name on them.

Clyde Smith Jr. learned to fly from his father as a teen. His father taught him to fly an hour every Sunday afternoon. Clyde says he learned more after the lesson. "It was a bit psychological, if you try to rush things,...

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