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The word is out, that the Covid Chinese Virus was manufactured in a Wuhan Chinese LAB and was released upon the world three years ago. Xi jingping leader of the Chinese Communist Party lied to the whole world about this incident from a Chinese lab. He even allowed 10,000 Chinese to fly out of China after knowing that this virus had escaped a research lab. Our government was no better at telling us the truth.Instead they forced Americans to wear useless masks, stand 6 feet apart, shut down our country that hurt our economy and insisted that everyone of us took the "Jab" of a ineffective vaccine. How can we Americans ever trust our government again? Now they lie about the Chinese spy balloons that crossed over our country. What I think these balloons were is a dry run for a future possible attack on our power grids by the Chinese if a war does occur between our countries. A EMP [electromagnetic pulse] device would be installed in these balloons and when they get close to a power grid, these EMP's would cause a disturbance in our electric power systems. An electromagnetic pulse causes a brief burst of energy that would interrupt our power and lives and give the Chinese the advantage of a take over of our country. By taking out our power grids the enemy the Chinese could immobilized the whole nation making us vulnerable to their attacks. The Chinese Communist Party cannot feed their people and they would love to conquer North American farmlands both in the United States and Canada. They may decide to nuke large cities such as New York and Los Angeles as they see these as populations of homeless drug addicts they deem as useless individuals in any society. But then the devious evil Chinese have helped create these problems in our most populated cities by manufacturing the chemicals that the Mexican Cartel needs to make the most deadly drug that enters our country illegally, fentanyl. By helping the Mexican mafia,the Chinese have already contributed to the murder of Americans who take this recreational drug. So they have been at war with us for a very long time now.

Nancy Kemler



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