J6 FBI "Orchestrated it," Big Tech Censored Half of it, Committee Sealed it.

The FBI “Orchestrated it. A review of the Election Fraud Protest of January 6, 2021, in which hundreds were arrested and 34 are still held without trial two years later in what inmates call the DC Gulag, must start with Ray Epps an FBI agent. He texted his nephew, “I WAS IN THE FRONT WITH A FEW OTHERS. I ALSO ORCHESTRATED IT.” In fact, video of him encouraging a crowd to riot exists (X22 Reports hereafter not cited, Ep. 2962b, Jan 3, 2023, 39:17). LibertyUnderFire.com covered his orchestrating it with five other key placed accomplices—none ever arrested, (“Capitol Siege, A Deep State Fed-surre...


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