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A Year of Crickets From President Biden on Border Meeting


September 28, 2022

One year ago today, Governor Greg Gianforte and 25 of the nation’s governors sent a letter to President Joe Biden requesting a meeting to engage in an open, constructive dialogue about securing the border and ending the national crisis before the situation worsened. A year later, the governors have yet to receive a response.

Just yesterday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced more than 2.1 million migrants illegally entered the United States at the southern border in fiscal year 2022, a new all-time high.

“Last year, over half the nation’s governors approached President Biden with a simple request: sit down with us so we can work together to bring the border crisis to an end,” Gov. Gianforte said. “And for the last year, our request has been met with only crickets from the White House, while the crisis has only gotten worse under the president’s leadership.”

The governor continued, “Border apprehensions are now at an all-time-high, and fentanyl is now the number one public safety threat in Montana. I again urge the president to protect America, restore security, end this crisis, and meet with the nation’s governors.”

In the first six months of 2022, law enforcement in Montana seized nearly twice the amount of fentanyl seized in the previous three years combined. Deaths due to fentanyl have also increased in Montana in recent years, with fatal overdoses up 1100% since 2017.

In response to a staggering increase in fentanyl seizures and overdoses in Montana, Attorney General Austin Knudsen this summer declared fentanyl the number one public safety threat in Montana.


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