City Court Report

Rex, Gabriel Sethen, Criminal Contempt, Fines: $25.00, Forfeited Bonds $185.00, Costs: $75.00.

Thompson, Ty Charles, Driving Under Influence, Fines: $500.00, Costs: $85.00.

Cowert, Audrey, Underage Possession of Tobacco, Fines: $50.00, Costs: $85.00.

Vollmert, Jessica Dean, Dog At Large, Fines: $25.00, No Dog License, Fines: $25.00.

Grenia, David, Speeding, Fines: $20.00.

Edwards, Casey, Speeding, Fines: $40.00.

Ostlee, John Wayne, Following too Closely, Fines: $50.00, Costs: $35.00.

Coonse, Rex Donald, Failure to Yield, Fines: $50.00, Costs: $35.00.

Moore, Leda Marie, Misuse of Confidential C...


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