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Successful Freedom Forum


Story by Marlene Checketts

The 2nd Annual Freedom Forum held last Friday evening was successful and informative! The gathering opened with Sabra Mack's magical voice singing several patriotic songs. She set the tone for appreciation of being citizens of the United States.

Scott Bradley, the featured speaker, gave a passionate plea for us to return to the founding principles of the nation in the tradition of the founding fathers. It is up to individuals to dedicate ourselves to a careful study of and review of the foundational documents that established this Nation. As God was mentioned four times in the Constitution, our first priority is getting right with God, whatever your religion is. We need to know His will for this great Nation. It starts with each individual, extends to the family, congregations, communities, and ultimately the States and Nation. We truly need to be a praying nation again.

By 1780 many States had their own State-sponsored religion. America was a nation where the majority believed in God and governed themselves in a way to please Him. This allowed America to be governed by the people. By upholding the constitution we further a relationship with God. The Constitution takes precedence over all other legislation. In other words, any kind of limitation of our right to worship is unconstitutional. Bradley urged everybody to get involved in their churches.

The four ways we can make a difference are, get right with God (this will influence self-family-church-community-States-Nation). Learn and understand the principles of the Constitution to be able to defend them. Help others to learn and get involved. Lastly, get involved yourself in the political process.

The gathering opened and closed with prayer offered by ministers of two different congregations.

You can find more from Scott Bradley, PhD in Constitutional Law, at, Bitchute Freedomscall, Liberty News Radio 8am Mon-Fri, Webinar at 7 PM on Thursday, sign up on website, open for questions.


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