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Cattle Drive Bakery N Coffee Corner Dave and Christy Wickhorst Open Corner Bakery


Lura Pitman

Ever since the Corner Café sold; the community of Roundup has been looking forward to what is coming next. Rumors of a bakery were tickling the ears of locals. Finally, we can officially report that the rumors are indeed true, and by the time this goes to publication, the bakery will likely be open.

Dave and Christy Wickhorst, owners, did a major remodeling of the building, and it is nearly unrecognizable from the old Corner Café. They split the place into two retail spaces. Currently they are opening the bakery, and we will have to wait to see what is coming with the other half.

Christy states "I am looking forward to offering an immensely beneficial service to this community." She will be serving Coffee, tea, ice cream treats such as banana splits and Sundays, as well as baked goods. Her baked goods will consist of pies that can be purchased whole or by the slice, as well as five different pastry rolls including caramel pecan rolls, cinnamon rolls, poppyseed, orange, cherry, and strawberry pastries. She will also have dinner rolls, and hamburger buns for sale. She says she will try to have a little bit of all of those on the first day. They will also do To-Go orders preordered by customers.

The Cattle Drive Bakery N Coffee Corner will be open Mondays through Saturdays from 6am-2pm. They plan to be open all four days during the July 4th, celebration with hours to be determined.


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