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Rosendale Standing for the Pre-Born


The recent leaking of the draft opinion surrounding the 1973 Roe V Wade decision by the Supreme Court is unprecedented. It is reprehensible that someone would try to use public pressure in an effort to force our Supreme Court Justices into ruling a certain way.

While we won't know if the final decision reached by the court will match the prematurely released draft for a few more months, and amidst all of the uncertainty and chaos surrounding this decision, it is comforting to know that we have strong a strong Pro-Life voice in Representative Matt Rosendale, who has a long record of standing up for the pre-born.

Congressman Matt Rosendale has been endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee, and has always been an outspoken and unapologetic advocate for the right to life, and when re-elected, I am confident that he will continue to fight for the rights of the pre-born.

Thank you,

Congressman Rosendale for your defense of all life!

Two school board candidates expressed their view that communication and transparency was vital from the school and school board. However, they failed to provide any information about themselves or their qualifications for this position. I assume they both have children in our schools so the school portal and Facebook page would be available to them for this purpose. They could also attend the board meetings each month.

The real culprit in this scenario is we have two newspapers in our community that have failed to properly and regularly inform the public about critical issues. The newspapers are the eyes, ears and voice of the community. That is their JOB and what we pay for as subscribers. It is their duty to inform the public and hold others accountable for actions that affect all of us (or it used to be).

I went to a City Council meeting on Tuesday at 7PM. There was no press present. I understand Kenny was there at 6 but left for another commitment. I learned people are interested in the V1 property, the Wier building, the problem with the property owners regarding the hole on Main Street, council views and approval of the Kiosk on Main Street, increase in rate of pay for city workers and a brief update on Central School. It would have been great to have this information in the RRT orThe Herald. I do have to give Kenny credit that he does have more information generally but one paragraph is not sufficient to capture critical information. Both of these editors need to get off their backsides and report these issues, or send people to these meetings and then WRITE the news article. Both City Council and School Board meetings are in the evenings. The Commissioners meetings are more challenging, And, if the RRT is only open for 3 hours a day it may be very difficult for it to operate as a credible source of journalism. Perhaps that is not their ultimate intent. It makes one wonder. Both papers publish agendas and minutes of the Council, School Board and Commissioners. Again, none are current-but they are better than nothing. RRT is a Main street business with very limited hours of operation. Both papers are extremely reliant upon the community to provide them with information for their news articles. This isn’t an effective or efficient means to conduct journalism. Finally, we have elections coming up and need good information on candidates and issues facing our state and community so we can make informed decisions. Consequently, I am challenging both newspapers: Find and report the news in a traditional news article format that properly informs the public of critical information. They just might be surprised by an increase of their circulation.

Bev Eiselein



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