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April 27, 2022

Dear Editor-

It was with great intrigue I read a letter to the editor from a school board member thanking the community with "high praise for public participation" during a recent superintendent search. The author highlighted the "important leadership" position a school superintendent held, and the "hiring of a School Superintendent is one of the most important responsibilities of any board in our community". The author further wrote "approximately 60 community members were in attendance" for the public meeting of the discussion on the hiring and the "direction we felt was in the best interest of our students, school staff and community as a whole". Unfortunately this wasn't submitted by a board member of the Roundup Public Schools, but instead one from the Forsyth School District, in which they are also searching for a superintendent candidate. As I publicly wrote the Roundup School Board for addressment during its public comment period during the last board meeting; this Board and school administrators are inept at communication to the public in which it serves and is tax funded by, and remain clandestinely hidden behind closed doors of secrecy and hushed meetings of cloudy decisions, even though the public is invited. A community member sought me out to give me the March 10th "Independent Press" article I quoted, and felt it important for me to read. The board members and District of the Forsyth Schools understands the importance of community involvement and the "valuable contribution" of support from the schools members to the superintendent search. As of the writing of this letter, the Roundup Public Schools have failed at informing the public of their selected candidate, and the proposed candidate has failed at returning any phone calls to me for a better understanding of his ideals and stances on the education of tomorrows leaders. At least some Districts in this great state are aware of the communities in which they serve and offer transparency and input into their processes.

Thank you-

Gary Van Dyke



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