Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage JOHN JOSEPH 'JOHNNY' CARR

MCHF District: 6 Year – 2022 Living Inductee

John Joseph Carr was "let out of the chute" December 13, 1940, in Lewistown, Montana. He was the youngest of the six children, born to Ray and Ruth (Stephens) Carr. His great grandfather, George W. Cook, served as the first mayor of Lewistown. His grandfather, John Stephens, was one of the early sheriffs in Fergus County. It's been said that he arrested Charlie Russell for drunk and disorderly conduct. Though there isn't evidence to support it, it makes for a great story.

"Johnny's" family moved to Christina, Montana when he was a toddler. When he was three, he decided to try and take their ne...


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