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VFW Celebrates 75 Years of the Roundup Post 4925


This year, the VFW celebrates 75 years of the Roundup Post 4925. The Roundup VFW Post was established on January 27th, 1946. The post currently has forty-six members, around fifteen attend the weekly meetings. To name a few of the Roundup Veterans, who do the majority of the fundraisers and events include; Dan Barta, John Steigan, Bill Strong, Dave Liggett, Kurt Lang, Duane Snook (also with R.I.D.E.), Larry Ross (also with R.I.D.E.), Ron Carlson, and Bill Turner. The other members help as well.

This year the VFW has special plans for the Independence Day celebrations. To celebrate their 75th year the VFW has special guests, Kim Mitchell (a Viet Nam refugee and Airforce Veteran), and Shellye Burrows (the head of the VFW).

Doug Parrot and Vernon Kuhlmann,World War II Veterans, will be honored at the evening Rodeo. Having his 75yr pin and certificate,Vernon Kuhlmann is a lifetime member of the VFW and has been for more than 75 years.

According to Bill Turner, there are paratroopers that will be jumping over the soccer and baseball fields, as well as an Army Band that is coming from out of town. Besides all of this, the Vets will be selling poppies, as they do every year, so please come out and support them and enjoy the festivities.

VFW Invites All Veterans to Come Ride on This Years 75th Anniversary

VFW Float for the Parade on July 2nd & 3rd


You ladies are heroes too, and I would be honored to have these ladies ride in my horse drawn wagonette in the Roundup July 3rd parade. I will be using a beautiful team of black Freisian horses. I know there are a number of these ladies in Roundup and surrounding areas. If your Wife, Mother or Grandmother or sister is one of these hometown heros, please call me at 406-323-4353. My wagonette has padded seats and a top for shade, so everyone will be comfortable.


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