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Joanne Mary Carnline


Joanne Mary Carnline

On Friday May 1st, 2020, Joanne Mary Carnline, loving wife and mother of 3 children, passed away at the age of 69. Joanne was born September 29th, 1950 in Malden, MA. Joanne moved to Roundup in 1972 with her two children, Robert And Cathy. She married Bruce Carnline in 1977. With this marriage there was another son born, Wayne.

Joanne was always very active. She never waited for anyone to do anything for her. She would crawl around her vehicle and change her own oil. She wasn't afraid of a little challenge. One winter the water froze in her trailer house. She didn't call anyone, instead she had her daughter help her. They redid all the plumbing in the trailer house. It was a long day but one that was very rewarding because two females accomplished something on their own. That was the kind of woman Joanne was, she knew she could do these things on her own and that's what she wanted her daughter to learn. She was faced with her biggest challenge in December of 1990. She diagnosed with throat cancer. The doctors took her voice box and replaced it with a prosthesis, this is how she was able to talk. It took her little time to figure out how to use this. Doctors were impressed with how quick she learned and asked her to help others that were struggling with the voice prosthesis. Her cancer did come back and with some more battling she was able to conquer it again. There are so many things to say about Joanne, I'm sure everyone has their own memories. She made a big impact in so many lives.

Joanne is survived by her husband of 47 years, Bruce Carnline; sons Robert LaCroix and Wayne Carnline (Kristin Goffena); daughter, Cathy LaCroix VanDyke. She is also survived by her grandsons Jared LaCroix, Blake VanDyke (Lacey) and Craig VanDyke and two great grandsons, Nathanial and Logan. She is also survived by many nieces and nephews and brothers.

Joanne didn't want a funeral, she never liked people to fuss over her. So cremation has taken place and she will be scattered near her mom and sister.


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