Roundup City Court June 2021

Metzger-Hoschouer, Elizabeth Margaret, Assault, Fines: $500, Costs: $85 and 8 days in jail

Toner, Casie Ann, Driving under the influence of alcohol, Fines, $2500 and Costs: $85 and 30 days in YCDF-1, and Owner permitting operation without liability insurance, Fines:; $250 and Costs: $25 and Operating in violation of restrictions imposed on D/L M, Fines: $260 and Costs: $25

Snider, James Tyler Mikel, Driving under the influence, Fines: $600 and Costs: $85 and 1 day in jail

Hart, Brandon Anthony, Operating without liability insurance, Fines: $250 and Costs: $35

Salas, Gilberto, Fail to stop and...


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