Fauci Colluded to Hide Existing Cure for COVID-19

A flood of new studies are exposing the CDC’s hostile attitude toward the use of hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic and cure for COVID-19 instead, showing it to have been precisely that. One such “Hydroxychloroquine Drug Cocktail Lowers COVID-19 Hospitalizations by 84 Percent, Study Suggests,” (by Isabel Van Brugen, Nov. 26, 2020). Another, “Weight-Adjusted Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Boosted Survival of Ventilated COVID-19 Patients by 200 Percent: Study” (by Tom Ozimek, June 9, 2021).

The problem is amplified when newly revealed Fauci’s emails, show himself and “four key public heal...


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