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Jerome Johnson


April 28, 2021

Izabel Bowers Koval

Jerome Johnson, also a student of Mrs. Jones in speech and drama, placed 2nd in the state finals for Speech and Drama competition. Jerome is 17 year old young man who moved here from Huntley, in December. Mrs. Jones said she was delighted to see Jerome come to RHS, having seen him compete several times before while in Huntley. Jerome has participated in S&D since his freshman year. Jerome is a poised, eloquent and mature youth, who is easy to talk to.

His family decided to move here, as Huntley was increasing in size, and they wanted to purchase land in the area. They are happy in their choice to be in Roundup. Jerome states he really likes Roundup, felt immediately welcomed here, and thinks it is "a beautiful" place to live.

Jerome's skit was called "Give me the Ball" in the humorous category. The presentation is about a prepubescent male youth, very excited to be in the game, "bench warmer", he states, and who is also maybe a little bit obsessed with the cheerleaders! He also seems to be having challenges with shorts that are far too large for him, resulting in a, shall we say, "wardrobe malfunction"!! Jerome states he choose this skit because Huntley's season wasn't so good.

Jerome won second at state; these were presented via virtual presentations, which he said he'd never done before. He said it was different but no too hard.

Speech & drama was one of the best things to happen to him, adding that it "taught me to be myself and find myself and gain confidence". He urges all students to take speech and drama, to gain the experience and confidence this class offers.

Jerome's other favorite classes are history and cinematography. Jerome plans on studying cinematography and script writing in college. Jerome also in involved in football, track and basketball. One of Jerome's goal is to have RHS start up a wrestling team again. He added he has been talking to school staff about doing that, and he looks forward to help bring that about.

He plans to go to MSU Bozeman. Jerome is currently pursuing scholarships toward this goal.


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