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Peeps Show Winners Announced


April 14, 2021

The Red Sugar Saloon - Kyle Ray and Tyeson Gravenhof

The 10th Annual Peeps Show saw 48 sweet entries full of imagination and humor. The RHS Art Department would like to thank all the artists who participated this year. Voting is complete, and the winners have been decided. Top prize is awarded to Jennifer Hochmuth for her Uhh...Sugar, We're Rising masterpeep. Second place goes to Hannah Kingham and Cayse McCleary for E.T., He Comes in Peeps. Third place is awarded to The Red Sugar Saloon by Kyle Ray and Tyeson Gravenhof. In addition to popular vote winners, Ms. Unterseher gives "Bright Idea Awards" to those dioramas that did not win the popular vote, but that she felt displayed great humor, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. Bright Idea Award winners are New Life Fellowship Children's Church, Abbey Carlson, Madison Rogers, Skylar Clark, Gabe Haight, Westen Wendling, Joey Graham, Lucius Swarthout, Rose Barth, Rowan Cottrell, Ciannon Crittendon, and Anne Anderson. The Peeps Show will remain on display through Friday, April 16, in the Community Library. Come in for one last sugar fix and take a final "Peep" at a unique art form.

Uhh...Sugar, We're Rising - Jennifer Hochmuth


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