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December 23, 2020

What a hectic and horrific political time for us all Americans. Election fraud, political criminals, Half witted Biden talking about changing this nation to what and what for? We see former President Obama with China lurking in shadows giving corrupt politicians on Left advice and directions for our downfall as a nation. Sad times indeed. Make sure to listen to RELIABLE news outlets. Here are a, Newsmax and of course, Montana News Talk 95.5 fm radio these are trust worthy and not Left wing activist spreading socialisty propaganda. Keep informed and pray for our country. The year 2021,will be a eye opener for us all! Social media also sees changes. Millions have left FB, now go to MeWe, Wimkin and Parler for news and friendships. Our nation is very divided now,we are no longer ONE, so hang on to what you believe and face the head winds of communist that want to control your life and take all that you have.

Nancy Kemler



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