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Senator Daines Announces Over $125 Million to Help Close Digital Divide in Rural Montana


December 16, 2020

Senator Daines shared the news that Montana will be receiving $125,815,439.70 that will invest in rural Montana by providing high-speed internet access to 45,984 locations.

“This critical funding will help connect rural Montana, close the digital divide and bring some of our most remote areas of the state together through high-speed internet access. This is great news for rural Montana,” Daines said.

These funds come from the Federal Communications Commission’s Rural Development Opportunity Fund (RDOF) and were distributed to six high-speed internet providers in Montana. The providers, the amount of dollars allocated, and number of locations they will benefit are listed below:

• Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative, Inc. will receive $12,703,077.60 and benefits 2,687 locations in Montana.

• CenturyLink, Inc. will receive $28,379,920.90 and benefits 9,658 locations in Montana.

• Commnet Wireless, LLC will receive $5,964,913.70 and benefits 2,078 locations in Montana.

• Frontier Communications Northwest, LLC will receive $5,818,165.30 and benefits 1,874 locations in Montana.

• Rural American Broadband Consortium will receive $226,116.00 and benefits 209 locations in Montana.

• Space Exploration Technologies Corp. will receive $72,723,246.20 and benefits 29,478 locations in Montana.


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