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December 9, 2020

Are we one nation anymore?

For me, the answer is simple: NO!!! Do I believe that Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona are playing by the same rules as Montana? Of course not! Will I accept that the cheating, lying, stealing that has taken place in those states speak for me, or will I listen to what they say? Of course not! The Democrats (communists) have perverted, twisted, and stolen the election process. There is no way to put this genie back into the bottle without some profound changes that will require many people going to prison for very long prison sentences. With the Democrats (communists) in control, that will NEVER happen!

Voting is supposed to be sacred in this divided nation, but now, there is nothing sacred nor honored by half the population. What will we do if the US Supreme Court refuses to uphold the election process's sacredness? Unfortunately, many naive people believe that someone will correct the system in time for the next election. Ignorance must be blissful for many but, wishing for something does not necessarily mean that your wish will come true. The corruption throughout the judicial arm of the government is widespread. It starts with lower courts and up to and including many state supreme courts, including Montana's. Congress is guilty of neglecting its legislative responsibilities and ensuring many of the laws it enacts in its capacity as lawgivers. So we are left with the executive, and with President Trump, we had a chance of holding onto some semblance of integrity.

Now, the traitorous Republican senators that have turned on President Trump include; Marco Rubio, Florida; James Risch, Idaho; Ben Sasse, Nebraska; Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania; Mitt Romney, Utah; Lisa Murkowski, Alaska; Susan Collins, Maine; Bill Cassidy, Louisana; Shelly Moore, West Virginia; Lamar Alexander, Tennesse.

Even if the Republicans hold onto the Senate, does anyone believe that the Democrats (communists) won't be able to turn at least two of the above senators and push through their evil agenda? Many Republican house members can be added to the above list of traitorous legislators. You can also include several Republican governors on this list. The Republican party is collapsing before our eyes, and yet many don't believe it. What does one do?

First, Money dictates what people will and won't do. That also applies to corporations, so don't patronize those businesses that endorse communists or give them cover. I gave up watching any network TV fifteen years ago because all it did was make me angry, and being angry is no fun. Do I miss it? Of course not; I get my news from other sources other than TV. If you don't watch, you don't buy their sponsor's products; when you don't buy their products, they search for other ways to advertise. Example: TV news stations, Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS, etc., contact their advertisers and tell them you won't buy their product if they financially support these traitorous 'news' outlets. Secondly, some of the contributors to these 'news' outlets are Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Hollywood, Actors such as Sean Penn, Robert De Niro, etc. Don't use their stuff or patronize their movies. Thirdly, prepare for the unexpected; the future will be unsettled and scary for many. A civil war of some sort is inevitable. With the Democrats (communists) controlling all government levers, the change will come quickly and radically as they implement their vile plans. Freedom is fragile and precious to at least half the population; what will you do to guarantee yours?

Dave Ponte



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