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October 7, 2020

Dear Robert Pancratz,

I was disappointed that you chose to forfeit the commissioner debate. I had been looking forward to hearing you, and I was open to voting for you in the coming election. I hoped you might be a good addition to the commissioner panel. Cancelling on the debate tells me more about you than perhaps I would have learned from you in person at the debate.

How can we expect you to represent us if you can be so easily swayed to step out of a debate? Now more than ever, we need a commissioner who will stand up to scrutiny. We need a strong leader in this county who is willing to do what is right for the public they represent, not someone who presents as afraid to take questions. By making this choice, you have given away your opportunity of showing strength and giving clarity to the uncertain voters, to the other candidate who was willing to debate.

Lura Pitman


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