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Rosendale will change Washington


September 16, 2020

So many politicians go to Washington and are happy to go along to get along—as long as they can continue to cash in at the taxpayer’s expense. That is not Matt Rosendale.

You see, Matt is a businessman, not a career politician. That’s why as state auditor, he cut the operating expenses of his own agency by 23%, and refused a taxpayer-funded pay raise every single year.

Matt Rosendale believes in the founders’ vision of citizen service, that’s why he wants to send career politicians packing by instituting term limits for members of Congress. But that’s not all, Matt backs legislation to ban members of Congress from becoming lobbyists and continuing to cash in after they leave office.

And like every other industry, Matt believes that if members of Congress don’t do their job, they shouldn’t get paid. That’s why in Congress, Matt will push for a new law that says if members of Congress want to get paid, they have to pass a balanced budget.

Matt Rosendale will always stand with the people of Montana, not with the D.C. swamp or the political class. Matt is a career politician's worst nightmare, and we desperately need him in Congress.

John Koch

Lewistown, MT


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