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Montana Shooting Sports Association Endorses Matt Rosendale


September 2, 2020

(Helena, Mont.)—The Montana Shooting Sports Association recently endorsed Matt Rosendale as the only candidate in the race for Montana's lone Congressional seat that will protect the 2nd Amendment Rights of Montanans.

"We highly recommend [Matt Rosendale] to the voters of Montana in the General Election," wrote Montana Shooting Sports Association President, Gary Marbut. "We believe it is important to elect people to public office in Montana who believe in the rights reserved to the people by our constitutions, state and federal, and especially our right to keep and bear arms, and who believe in our cherished heritage and culture of hunting game animals."

The endorsement further demonstrates the clear contrast between the two Congressional candidates. While Matt Rosendale has been "A" rated by the NRA and endorsed by the MT Shooting Sports Association, his opponent, Extreme Kathleen Williams, has touted her "F" rating from the NRA, at one point stating that she was "proud" of her failing grade.

"I am very thankful for the endorsement of the Montana Shooting Sports Association," said Rosendale. "I believe our right to keep and bear arms is non-negotiable and I will always fight to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights and hunting heritage from the extremists who want to diminish them."


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