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September 2, 2020

After much pondering the last few weeks, decided I should respond to statements made by Adam Carlson about me and my actions.

STATEMENT: Adam Carlson stated I was the original writer of the workers compensation policy through Key Insurance and I would receive compensation for the life of the policy. FACT: I was not the original writer of the policy, Susan Mikkelson was and I have not received commissions from Key Insurance since 2013. I was just trying to support a local business which pays county property tax and employs local people.

STATEMENT: It was stated in the paper that the same claim made against Adam Carlson, moving out of his district should have been made against Tom Berry. FACT: I did not move out of my district, I continued to live in the same residence that I lived in when elected to office. I was still registered to vote in my district, I did not change my mailing address and I licensed all my vehicles in Musselshell County. I admit, I did not spend all my time in Musselshell County because I had financial interest outside the county and a vacation home in Arizona.

STATEMENT: Tom Berry would not let us know when he would not be at a meeting. FACT: I always called the Clerk and Recorders office before meeting started stating I would not be in attendance.

STATEMENT: I believe Berry’s resignation at that time was planned. Attorney General, Tim Fox, knew before hand, Kevin Peterson knew, MACo was aware. FACT: I do not believe that Tim Fox knew. MACo was aware because when I decided to resign, I wanted to make sure I understood the process and handled my resignation properly. I made a special 200 mile trip to Helena to secure advice and review state statues with the assistant executive director of MACO to assure I was handling my resignation properly. When I returned from my trip I reviewed my findings with county attorney Kevin Peterson to see if he concurred.

STATEMENT: Adam Carlson stated that on the day of my resignation. Kevin Peterson accompanied Berry when he dropped off his envelope on Cheryl Tomassi’s desk. FACT: This is an absolutely false statement. I was alone when I handed in my resignation. There are security camera’s in the court house, that if reviewed will show I was alone.

STATEMENT: Adam Carlson made the statement that when Berry resigned; he already knew that I had purchased a house in another district. This whole conspiracy has hinged on Bob Goffena getting back in as County Commissioner. FACT: I had heard that Adam had purchased a house outside his district. I did not see any paper work confirming this. There was no conspiracy on my part. I did not know what Adam’s intentions where concerning the house. It was Adam Carlson’s decision to move out of his district and vacate his office. Why is he blaming others for his decision to move out of his elected district? This was his decision and his only.

I could go on and on but by pointing the pervious lies and misstatements made by Adam Carlson, I think you can get the jest of Adam’s statements. They are not true or slanted to make himself look good at the expense of others.

Thank you, Tom Berry


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