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August 26, 2020

Thank you, Postmaster DeJoy, for pledging to suspend your poorly planned changes to the US

Postal Service. Montanans, particularly rural residents, rely on the mail for our daily

transactions. Many of us get our medications, our Social Security checks, our bills and our

ballots by mail. And we use the USPS to pay these bills and to submit our ballots. Hampering

the reliability and timeliness of our postal service may be inconvenient to some but actually

harmful to others. If our elections are compromised because our votes don’t arrive on time, it

hinders our democracy. Now is not the time to cut back this national service. Please Mr.

DeJoy, free the USPS from your new restrictions and embrace the support offered by the

Heroes Act.

Kris Spanjian

Candidate for HD40


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