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New Community Center for Winnett Planned


August 26, 2020

Mert Knutson (92) & Jean Cook

"The new building will provide a wonderful place to gather for all kinds of events, an asset to the community that will influence the happiness of its citizens for years to come." That is a quote from a senior citizen in Winnett regarding the exciting new project of building a brand new community center. Through the generous donation made by Larry and Kathi Carrell of Lewistown that dream will come true.

The Senior Citizens organization of Petroleum County have been meeting with the PCCC Board to discuss the possibility of their group moving to the new center when it is complete. The Seniors submitted a mail in ballot to their members, voting whether or not they wanted to make the move. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of moving to the new facility. They have been using the basement of the courthouse since the mid to late 70's for their weekly gathering and meeting. There are no windows, and a steep staircase

to the facility. A 'happy place' was a comment from one member and she is excited to make the move. Their new meeting room will have a view of the beloved rims that stand guard over Winnett, with lots of natural light. Out of all the comments from the seniors the main one was that it will all be on one level and no one will have to climb a long flight of stairs. It will make it easier for the cooks to move supplies in each week. Head cook/bookkeeper Patti Kiehl stated, "the idea of not having to carry the cases of commodities that they receive down the stairs is something I am really looking forward to."

"We are hoping to be breaking ground by the summer of 2021," stated Co-Chair Sue McKenna. " Although Covid-19 has slowed down some aspects of planning, we have partnered with Slate Architectural firm of Helena, MT., and are very excited with the preliminary plan that has been worked up."


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