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Roundup Community Receives Donated Wells Fargo Bank Building


August 12, 2020

ROUNDUP, MT – August 6, 2020 – In mid-June the Roundup community received a donation of the Wells Fargo Bank property at 12 Main St., in Roundup. The School District agreed to own the property and partner with several organizations to meet multiple community needs.

Last year, Wells Fargo Region Bank President Joy Ott realized there was an opportunity to turn a branch consolidation into a way to meet important community needs. She worked with Theresa Doumitt and the Roundup Community Partners to facilitate community conversations to identify what needs the facility could address.

Community meetings included the School District, Roundup Community Partners, City of Roundup, Musselshell County, Roundup Chamber of Commerce, Roundup Memorial Healthcare, and other civic groups. After the community discussions, there was unanimous agreement that the School District would be the best entity to own the building.

“The School District is appreciative of the gift from Wells Fargo,” said Superintendent of Schools Chad Sealey, School District #55. “While the School District does have a use for the building, we consider it to be a community asset and plan to work with several non-profits to allow use of the building.

”Collaborative efforts identified several needs that this facility could help support. For example, opportunities include a childcare center, superintendent’s office, part-day alternative school, early childhood classrooms, education center, space for adult education classes and a computer lab for online certifications, and more.

“At Wells Fargo, our mission is to help our customers and communities succeed financially,” said Ott. “As part of that, I’m extremely excited to be able to announce that this consolidated bank property is being given back to the Roundup community and School District #55. Thank you to Theresa and all of our local leaders for their expertise and passion around the Main Street building. Hopefully, this space will have a positive impact on the needs of Musselshell County.

”Ott’s vision became a reality last month. The building’s ownership was transferred in June, and the School District has taken possession and begun renovations. On July 22, the superintendent’s office was moved into the building. The School District is working with the Department of Public Health and Human Services to identify the most suitable space for a childcare center.

“Roundup Community Partners and Roundup leaders are grateful to Wells Fargo for this incredible opportunity for educational and economic development in our community. We are also thankful to the School District for their leadership in this endeavor”, says Theresa Doumitt, Roundup Community Partners Co-chair. About Roundup Community Partners Roundup Community Partners are dedicated to working collaboratively to restore a healthy commercial district, preserve historic structures and promote community events while maintaining our authentic Western values and way of life.


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