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Carroll College Announces Plan for COVID-19 Testing for Students


August 5, 2020

HELENA, – Carroll College an­nounced today that the Carroll College Board of Trustees allo­cated funding to provide a CO­VID-19 test to every student as they return to campus this fall. Carroll College will be using a testing firm from which they have received both positive ref­erences and will guarantee a 48-hour turnaround time for results.

President John Cech shared in an email to the campus communi­ty this morning, “This is exciting news, and it will allow us to start the year with a clear picture of the COVID-19 status of all of our students. This makes the 14-day self-quarantine before coming to campus critically important.”

Carroll College has asked that all students returning to campus in August complete a 14-day quarantine prior to their arrival for fall semester.

The college is currently final­izing the procedures for testing and will provide an update on Wednesday, August 5, as part of their weekly COVID-19 all-cam­pus communication. Students returning to campus will not need to change their travel plans. The current move-in schedule has students arriving August 14 and 15 on a staggered schedule.

In addition, as the state of Mon­tana refines their testing system, the college hopes to combine this initial testing of all students as they return with ongoing test­ing of groups of asymptomatic students. Students, faculty and staff who are symptomatic can work with Carroll’s Wellness Center to obtain a quick test.

“I appreciate the support we have received from the Carroll College Board of Trustees to take this important step which will help ensure a safe and healthy opening,“ said Cech.

Additional details about the im­plementation of this new 48-hour testing effort will be forthcom­ing. Carroll College’s March­ing Back Plan can be viewed at


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