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Big M Realty Steps Up For Increased Business


Lura Pitman

I have been seeing out of state vehicles everywhere. I think most of us hold our breath wondering how our community will change from our current national events. Montana is one of the last best places, and Roundup is one of the few affordable areas with beautiful scenery and not so distant access to Billings. Having lived in Roundup for ten years, I have watched the traffic go from a dead stand still from morning to night, to a steady stream through town. Surely the stampede is heading our way. For those of us who have lived a remote lifestyle, this is an unwelcome change, but an inevitable one.

I scratched my curiosity and went to have a quick chat with Kenny Minnie, our local Realtor at Big M Realty. He confirmed that business has indeed picked up with out of state people, but that they were not overwhelmed with crazy busines. He said he is getting responsible buyers that are coming to our area. He explained that what he is seeing is mostly retired people, as Roundup doesn't have many job opportunities. They want to move to Montana, and current events "pulled the trigger". Those looking to come to Montana quickly find Western Montana is unaffordable and they begin to work their way East. It isn't long till Roundup becomes one of the most appealing options. Short distance to Billings provides easy access to shopping and entertainment and the wildlife, river, trees, and hills provide lovely scenery. Kenny spoke encouragingly of the people he is seeing that are looking to live here. He said "They will fit in well."

When Roundup became a town, homesteader's lives were changed. The modern industrial age came and changed their lifestyle forever with the railroad and soon telephone and electricity. This was bittersweet for many. However, the age of electricity and machines also brought some comforts that they had never yet known. The present and the future will forever be different than the past we became comfortable in, but one thing is for certain, change is inevitable. The incoming population, like the homesteaders, have likely left the comfort of their surroundings to find a better life. It is probable that they have that more in common with our community than not. For those of us who are feeling a bit more "crowded" we can take comfort in this. Incoming population helps our local businesses. This could be a great change in our community for our struggling economy.

Lura Pitman

I am so proud of Roundup and the surrounding communities, and proud to live here. I have seen people help each other in trial after trial, regardless of personal differences, and there have been no shortage of struggles in this community. I have even witnessed people who don't like each other come together in crisis, and not let their neighbors suffer. Like the sheriff told me last week, we all want the common good for each other. The goodness of our community is truly one of the most beautiful things about living here. Montana is certainly the "Treasure State" and the treasure isn't just material. We hope our new neighbors will share the same values.

For any questions about local realty, please refer to Kenny at Big M Realty in our business directory.


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