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Nancy, we could not wait until the last minute to cancel RIDE this summer. There’s a lot more to it than you realize in putting on an event like this. Our RIDE budget is over $100,000. Regardless of how you feel about the political side of Covid-19, it is real, has killed a lot of people, and still many people are fearful of being in large crowds. I’m tired of the restrictions too, but right now we’re in Stage 2 of the Governors guidelines, and even if we go to stage 3 by July 1, we’ll still be so hindered by what we’d have to do under those guidelines, it would be impossible to make it work, and we couldn’t afford to take a chance on people’s health and wondering if we could draw a crowd that wasn’t afraid to watch concerts around other people. It wasn’t an option for us as to whether we wanted to go by the Governor’s guidelines or not. His was not a suggestion. The last thing we needed was to be fined by the State, or shut down. We had agents wanting to rework their plans for their acts, of which most of their dates were canceled way into the summer tour season.

We could not afford to take a chance on what might be. It can’t work that way and we would love to be around next year when hopefully things are better.

And, also, the girl at the courthouse was just doing her job.

Mike Morgan



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