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Museum Tipi And Other Changes


Dale Alger

Artist Joe Trakimas in front of the new tipi at the Musselshell Valley Historical Museum. Joe painted the tipi with a Blackfoot color scheme

By Dale Alger

The Musselshell Valley Historical Museum has a new tipi. It is located east of the NF Cabin. Joe Trakimas is an excellent historically accurate artist. He did research on the Blackfoot or Blackfeet Tribe and the Crow Indians. The Musselshell River around here was the dividing line between the two nations. The Crow used the land south of the Musselshell and the Blackfeet used the land north of the Musselshell. Since the museum is located north of the Musselshell River, Joe used Blackfoot color schemes to paint our tipi. We really appreciate Joe's work on the tipi and his exper...

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