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Museum Reopens


The Musselshell Valley Historical Museum is planning to open for the season on Monday June 1. Our plan is to be open seven days a week from 1:00 – 5:00 PM.

We will be following strict guidelines for the safety of our visitors and our volunteers. We would prefer that you wear a mask. We will have hand sanitizer available and will maintain the 6-foot separation for social distancing.

If we don’t have enough volunteers who are comfortable helping at the museum, we may cut our open days to Friday, Saturday and Sunday until we can get enough volunteers.

The museum has made several changes this off-season. We are working on a huge project that will be in the room where the rocks used to be located. It is a diorama with lights and flags to mark many of the significant sites in Musselshell County. We hope to have the diorama installed by the end of July or early August. We received a grant from the Musselshell Valley Community Foundation to help with the costs of the diorama.

To make room for the diorama, we have moved and rearranged the rocks display. David and Sandra Jones did a great job of reorganizing the rock display cases. They are located in the southwest room on the first floor. It used to be called the art room. Thank you, David and Sandra.

We have also added a new building in part of the parking lot. It is accessed from the other building that is already located there. There will be a dress shop in that building and a wonderful toolroom. Gary Thomas has done a great job with the tool room. All of the tools were taken from other parts of the museum. Most of the tools came out of the blacksmith’s shop. Ed Gouine, Bob Egeler, and others have helped with the work. Many of the board members have helped in various tasks to get the museum ready for visitors.

Gary Thomas and Ed Gouine also erected the teepee this week in preparation for the opening. It looks really good.

Come visit the museum and learn of some more the local history. You will enjoy the changing displays and the new areas of the museum.


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