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Rosendale will fix our broken healthcare system


No matter where you fall politically, I think everyone can agree that our healthcare system is broken. Matt Rosendale understands that it was government that broke the system, and that socialized medicine and more government control will never be the answer.

Matt will fight to keep health decisions between patients and doctors and to get government out of the way. He has a proven track record of getting results for Montana families.

As Montana’s State Auditor, Matt has expanded access to healthcare, reduced insurance premiums in the individual market by 15%, protected Montanans with pre-existing conditions, and worked to bring transparency to drug prices and lower drug costs for all Montanans.

I served with Matt in the state legislature, where we worked closely on legislation addressing key issues facing Montanans, including healthcare. His focus was always on making sure that everyone had access to affordable, quality care.

Matt Rosendale will continue this important work in Congress. We can count on Matt to fight to allow true competition and choice in the healthcare industry, while protecting our state’s most vulnerable—especially those with pre-existing conditions.

If the Coronavirus has shown us anything, it’s that we need to fix our healthcare system so that we are prepared for whatever we may face in the future. That’s why I’m supporting Matt in the Republican primary for Montana’s Congressional seat, and why I would urge you to cast your vote for him as well.

Representative Vince Ricci

House District 55

Laurel, MT


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