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Progress Report of The City of Roundup/BUD Tree Board


The City of Roundup/Tree Board appreciates the partnering of various groups and support of the city workers and the community which enabled Roundup to be named Tree City of the Year for 2020 for the State of Montana. This award comes with a $l0,000 Department of Natural Resources and Conservation no-match grant.

Improvements within the last five years of street and park trees growing in the city right-of-way and public places throughout the city of Roundup include: l52 trees pruned (Main Street and City Park), 46 hazardous and failing trees removed ; 75 new trees planted (Including 8 Cost Share trees) and 193 stumps removed.

The above work was completed following the inventory from DNRC in 2014.. The city was divided into four sections to establish a priority list, beginning with the area with the most hazardous trees.

The Tree Board has requested that this year’s grant be used to complete another inventory to be completed by a certified arborist. This inventory will guide the City and Tree Board in decisions in the coming years.


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