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April 15, 2020

I am deeply disturbed and concerned that the Publisher of this paper calls the Coronavirus “Wuhan Corornavirus”. If ignorant readers call it that is one thing, but any Publisher should know better. Not that it matters which name is used. What matters is the assocation and intent that comes along with it. We have already far too much hate and finger pointing. This is not in the least helpful and does not take away the pain and agony. It’s not like China used a rocket to get us the virus - NO - Americans who returned from Wuhan brought the virus here. Now you want to hate them?

Gabriele Ramsbrock


Relax! This Chinese virus is temporary,we will find a cure a vaccine for it. The United States has the best researchers and LAB facilities in the world.As of now,researchers have found a vaccine one that has killed this virus in LAB rats.They are giving the vaccine a time element to make sure it works 100% and is safe for humans to take.You hear a lot about "Models" by state governors and Leftist news like CNN. What is a model? It is Data based information theory based on speculation.Something that could be but is not.We Americans foolishly allowed our economy to shut down on "Speculation". Write your state representatives and tell them to open up this country and that you want to go back to work. You will help save the nation from despair and poverty.

Nancy Kemler


Dear Secretary Pompeo:

I write to you today to urge the State Department to work with our allies around the world and fully investigate China’s response to the emergence of the virus causing COVID-19. As you are well aware, China’s initial response to reports of an atypical pneumonia being detected by medical personnel in Hubei province in late 2019 were ham-fisted with government officials hiding cases, punishing doctors who dared to speak-up, and resulted in delays that worsened the impact of COVID-19 on public health and the economies of countries around the world.

As you know, prior to China locking down Wuhan and Hubei Province on January 23, 2020, there were early indications that a SARS-type virus had jumped from an animal host and had begun to infect humans. What is more alarming was that despite official denials, indications of human-to-human transmission were clearly evident by early January. The suppression of this critical piece of information alone significantly delayed any early international response. The well-publicized punishment, by local government officials, of the now deceased doctor Li Wenliang for posting about the presence of a new illness among his patients is a chilling reminder of official Chinese government attempts to hide and distort the truth. China’s difficulties with the truth are continuing even now with its diplomats spreading baseless conspiracy theories of US military culpability in a simplistic attempt to muddy the waters for those that are easily swayed or misinformed.

Americans are suffering from both the effects of the disease and from the real harm to our economy as public health officials are forced to implement restrictions to control this pandemic. The American people deserve to have the information to truly understand why they are making the sacrifices that they are. Additionally, we must discover the truth about the origins of this disease in order to better prepare ourselves against another future pandemic. That is why I urge you to lead efforts with international partners to investigate China’s initial response and culpability related to the COVID-19 pandemic and consider any appropriate punitive actions necessary to hold China accountable.

Thank you for your consideration of this request and for your commitment to discover the truth about China’s obfuscation of this pandemic.



United States Senator

Easter. Once a year we celebrate the day that Jesus beat death, rose from the grave and makes an offer of resurrection to us too. For the first time in my memory we had an easter where no one came. Not because we didn't want to come but because we were told to stay inside from an unseen death that slithers down our streets, snuffs at our door and peeks in our windows at night. Nationally and worldwide, the clergy has decided that because we might die churches (including the Vatican) should be closed, people should worship at home and services should be held on the internet. There are a great many words and explainations floating around for why this step was taken but no one really knows what Jesus thinks about all this.

I do know what the action says: For 2 millenia we have said Jesus has beaten death but when fear of death comes to our church door, we're going to close. Why? Because really we don't believe that Jesus can keep us safe from death, or that Jesus has beaten death, or maybe that Jesus is alive at all. That is the message sent to non-believers, seekers, young people, and those who watch the church.

In the second chapter of 2 Thessalonians Paul starts out with "Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him," Then Paul gets to the well known verses: "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day (2nd coming of Christ) shall not come, except there come a falling away first,..." The falling away part can be translated as apostacy or defection from the truth. Is what has happened an apostacy or simply a sensible reaction to an emergency? There are some objective ways to know.

There have been several apostacies in history and each time there have been consequences. There was the Israelites apostacy of 1st and 2nd Kings where they gradually started worshipping false gods and ended up being removed from their land as slaves by Nebuchadnezzar. Israel again had a type of apostacy when the Jewish holy men (Pharisees) did not see Jesus as speaking truth and caused his crucifixion for speaking truth. The result was approximately 40 years later the Roman army marched in, destroyed the temple, burned Jerusalem to the ground and kicked the Jews out until 1948. The church had a kind of apostacy when it clothe bible for reading to all but the priestly class and also started the practice of indulgences. This led to the Protestant reformation and the splitting of the church. There was the apostacy of Lutheran ministers in 1930's Germany who compromised as Adolph Hitler began to show his evil side thereby allowing World War II without a peep. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was the exception, not the rule. The point I'm making is that if there is a "defection from truth" there are always consequences to that defection.

Going forward, there should be a couple of ways to test if this closing of churches on Easter was an apostacy or not. If the interpretation of time changes from BC/AD to BCE/CE (or worse if time itself changes to a Posix basis) then closing churches on Easter 2020 was an apostacy. If services in the future generally migrate online and church buildings remain closed with no public gatherings then this was an apostacy. The future years will prove whether it was good not to gather in acknowledgement of Jesus' resurrection, but I would note the 15th verse of 2 Thessalonians Ch2 (same place I have been drawing from):"Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle."

Robert Wayman



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