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March 11, 2020

Misty Tafolla

#4 Shayden Cooke & #10 Bryce Grebe, guarding the Jordan Mustangs

The Melstone Broncs beat the Bridger Scouts 70-69, in their opening game Wednesday afternoon. They moved on to the semi-final game on Thursday to play against the Jordan Mustangs, but came up short and lost 37-42. In loser out action, they beat the Terry Terriers 65-44 on Friday afternoon and went on to a rematch with the Bridger Scouts, beating them 49-31 in the consolation game on Saturday. The Broncs will play a challenge game against the Plenty Coups Warriors on Monday March 9th and try to make their way to the Class C State tournament in Missoula.

Misty Tafolla

#4 Shayden Cooke, #20 Tyler Kombol, #10 Bryce Grebe, playing against the Bridger Scouts


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