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Clark's Lookout


January 1, 2020

This week's showcase is Clark's Lookout State Park. Located one mile north of Dillon above the Beaverhead River lies Clark’s Lookout State Park.

Established December 23, 1985 Clark's Lookout is set along the historic Lewis and Clark trail.

On August 13, 1805, Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery found what is now Clark’s Lookout State Park. Having traveled from the headwaters of the Missouri River and up the Jefferson River to continue their search for a passage to the Pacific Ocean, they found instead an incredible view.

The view from the top of the hill provided Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery with a view of what lay ahead. And William Clark worked to explore and document the hill overlooking the Beaverhead River.

While Lewis’ scouting party proceeded overland, Clark led the main body of the expedition up the Beaver¬head River. It was arduous work, with the group “much fatigued and weakened by being continualy in the water drawing the Canoes over the Sholes.” In response to the men’s complaints of the “emence labour they are obliged to undergo,” Clark drily noted, “I passify them.”

On August 13, 1805, Clark ascended “a high Point of Limestone rocks on the Stard Side” in order to survey the route ahead. From here he took compass readings to “Point of the Beaver head hill” (Beaverhead Rock), the “Course of the Wisdom river” (Big Hole River), and the “gap at the place the [Beaverhead] river passes thro’ a mountain.”

Things to do

• Take a walk to the monument and gaze out over the land once surveyed by William Clark.

• Have a picnic at the perfectly located picnic area.

• Take a hike through the rest of the 7.23 acres via hiking trails with interpretive signs.

• Cultural and Heritage information provided on site.

• Check out all of the local wildlife including bird watching.

• Photographic opportunities abound.

• Plus so many more!


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