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December 18, 2019

As residents of Roundup we must set goals and priorities for ourselves. Our town has many problems,money being at the top of the list. We are a river town,we flood.The flood of June 2018 saw water in many basements as far as Horsethief and the highway,people had water in basements.Instead o people shrugging their shoulders and saying "It will flood again: let us set a goal for the county to purchase a sump pump so we have a chance to fight Mother nature.Mr. Dennis Vidic rented a sump for $1000 a week...he pumped 14,000 gallons of water out per hour in the old slew. We can do better by buying our own. Thank you Mr. Vidic but the county is responsible for this!Yes out local roads are terrible,in the worse condition I have ever seen.Many of these are mail routes and must be cared for. Fixing and maintaining our roads is a must! If we work together we can accomplish much to help save this slowing dying town.

Nancy Kemler


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