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October 2, 2019

Prayer Request

It is said that God can do anything and use anything for His purposes. I believe that. And here’s WHY.

Last February was a very cold and snowy month. The snow got to be very deep and the snow got very high. Yet, there was a story cat who began living in my barn. Not only did I feed him a can of Friskies every day, but he went over to my neighbor’s and ate the food she put outside for her cat. I was sure that night it got to be 27 below 0 that he would freeze to death, but there he was, still alive and kicking.

I already had 2 cats and didn’t want another, someone up the road from me said they wanted him, but never showed up. Not knowing what else to do, I called the Rimrock Humane Society. Sandy, a woman I had never met before, brought me a humane, live catch trap. She spent time refreshing my memory on how to set it and told me what night to set it so she could retrieve both the cat and the trap the next morning. So, I set the trap, caught the cat, and had long talks with Sandy about the work of the Humane Society here in Roundup. She took the cat to the vet and then to a home she had found for it. I forgot about it.

Well, apparently God hadn’t forgotten because a few weeks ago, a survey company that I do surveys for online, e-mailed me with an invitation to nominate a local (no national or well-known ones wanted) humane society for the possibility to win $5,000. Immediately, I thought of Sandy and the Rimrock Humane Society. I called her in order to be sure I had all the information the survey company needed and sent in the application. The voting is October 14, 2019 when the top 5 nominated humane societies will be decided on and then we will vote on those top 5 for a chance to win one of two $5000 prizes.

I thought that this was an awesome responsibility that God had dumped into my lap, so He told me to share it with all of you and that we might join together in prayer. God is in control and it would be a real blessing if our humane society were one of the winners. So far, God has used a stray cat to get my attention onto the Rimrock Humane Society, to nominate them for a cash prize, and now to await the outcome. All we need to do is pray. If God can go to all that trouble- well, it is really no trouble for God who can do anything He wants to - we can certainly take some time to pray for the results.

So, I am humbly asking the readers of this newspaper to send your prayers to heaven and ask that our humane society be one of the ones chosen. Someone has said “what if God won’t do anything unless we pray?” I have often thought of that. We have free will. Everyone does. What if we don’t ask for what we want? What if God is just waiting for one or more of His children to ask Him to do something. Yes, Jesus said, “Your Heavenly Father knows what you need before you ask”. However, as a parent, I knew what my children needed too, but I loved it when they asked and were very specific in their asking.

I will keep you informed of the results after October 14, 2019.

Reverend Joyce L. Kaplan, M. Div., Retired, United Church of Christ


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