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 By Dave Ponte    Opinion    October 7, 2020

Pancratz a NO SHOW for Debate!

The debate scheduled for October 2nd had to be canceled due to the lack of participation by Robert Pancratz. I received the following email from Robert Pancratz. "After careful consideration and counsel from individuals whose judgment I respect,...

 By Dave Ponte    News    October 7, 2020

One on One with Musselshell County Commissioner Nicole Borner

Question: What is your plan for Musselshell County? My plan is a strong resilient future for Musselshell County. We are a historic boom-bust coal and agricultural community. I work to make sure we are expanding our tax base, so I focus on one of the...

 By Dave Ponte    News    September 23, 2020

One on One with Musselshell County Commissioner Nicole Borner

Good Budgeting is not a secret. It is based off of prior year’s actuals and anticipated revenue. The accounting functions of Government budgets was the tough part of bringing the county into compliance. We had to learn all that because we no...

 By Dave Ponte    News    September 9, 2020

One on One with Musselshell County Commissioner Nicole Borner

I sat down with Musselshell County Commissioner Nicole Borner and discussed the recently completed audits that Musselshell County has had to endure due to years of neglect and kicking the proverbial...

 By Dave Ponte    News    September 2, 2020

What is County Attorney Kevin Peterson up to?

Why has Mike Goffena & Mike Turley been spending time in Kevin Peterson's office? Why did Mike Goffena vote down a resolution submitted by Peterson? Why did Mike Turley concur with Goffena on the...

 By Dave Ponte    News    August 26, 2020

Attempts to Silence the Roundup Record Tribune & Winnett Times During the On-Going Political Scandal Flounders

On Friday, August 21, 2020, during a routine public document search, it was discovered that an email transmission from Republican central committee chairman, Maryrose Beasley to Clerk & Recorder Cheryl Tomassi had transpired. Beasley's email was as...

 By Dave Ponte    News    August 12, 2020

More Documents Implicating the County Attorney, Kevin Peterson

On August 1st, 2020, a packet of documents was deposited at the Roundup Record Tribune & Winnett Times office. In the enclosed documents was a copy of an email transmission from county attorney Kevin Peterson to Clerk & Recorder Cheryl Tomassi. The e...

 By Dave Ponte    News    August 5, 2020

Adam Carlson Unleased, Part II

Recap: Adam is describing the taxing and spending authority of county government and how the commissioners find a balance. “Mills' values can change if their value goes up or down. We can spend different dollar amounts for certain services without...

 By Dave Ponte    News    July 15, 2020

Political Coup Strikes Musselshell County Government

Do not be envious of evil men, Nor desire to be with them; For their heart devises violence, And their lips talk of troublemakeing. Proverbs 24: 1-2 The political drama that has been transpiring in Musselshell County is like watching kabuki theatre....


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